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Càpe is a project that combines a passion for design and sustainability.


Càpe is an ethical and eco-sustainable tailoring project that combines a passion for design with awareness of the environment.
In the production of our garments, we only use regenerated fibers, avoiding the introduction of new materials in the industrial chain and relying on entirely organic crops. Awareness of the environment is accompanied by an ethical approach thanks to our collaboration with laboratories of social cooperatives.

Nicoletta Baldo
Nicoletta Baldo


Our materials are:

100% nylon, regenerated from the plastic of the oceans. A recycled product, which has the same characteristics as those from a virgin source, but can be regenerated, recreated and remodeled, thus allowing you to create new products without using new resources. With this material we make garments resistant to rain and wind. See our iconic Raincoat.


Càpe Concept
Càpe Concept


Càpe is the 100% sustainable design you can always count on.

A philosophy that has guided all of our ideas: raincoats, accessories and clothing in regenerated material and organic cotton to offer you an environmentally friendly alternative. Practical and easy to wear garments for every moment of your day.

_Shared objectives


We share the same goals as the association Sustainable Development Goals to take care and be able to make a difference for the planet.


Recycling everything

Our iconic label placed on every product tells about our commitment towards sustainable production and consumption through recycling. 

Recycling for us is essential. Our products are in fact composed of Econyl®, a material obtained by the regeneration of nylon from fishing nets. It behaves exactly as new nylon and can be recycled again, with the exception that it produced removing plastics from the sea. As well as Econyl, we use only recycled Polyester for our paddings.


Make to order

MTO model promotes sustainable and responsible consumption patterns, and reduces waste through production processes that are based on specific customer requirements, minimizing overproduction and waste.

At Càpe concept we produce anything only when they is needed, so that our product leave the laboratory as soon as they are produced. In this way, we don’t produce left over stock and we avoid wasting our materials.


0 waste

At Càpe wastes are not contemplated. 

Our packaging is made from the leftover cuts of the fabric, in a way that all the leftovers are reused.

Additionally, our products are provided with a green label, that describes the right practices to wash the cloth without damaging it and the way to dispose all the components.


SOS Donna

Our commitment to sustainability is not limited to the environment. Our clothing is assembled by the social cooperative SOS Donna, composed of women that suffered of health issues. Càpe represents an opportunity to work for sustainability for SOS Donna.


Made in sustainab-Italy

Made in Italy does not strictly mean that a supply chain is sustainable. 

However we believe in a "Made in sustainab-Italy " model, that contributes to the development of local economies and sustainable communities, as well as the preservation of local traditions, cultures and craftsmanship.

We select our partners based on how they behave in working conditions, and workers welfare, and in terms of proximity. 

This is our approach to make Made in Italy model a new framework for sustainability.



Econly® has been our partner since the beginning of our journey. 

This is why we share with them the love for marine environments, and the fight to preserve it. 

When you choose to buy Càpe you are not only reducing the amount newborn plastic introduced in the market, but you are also helping in removing the amounts of nylon in the oceans.  


Plastic free packaging

All this commitment to plastic recycling would be useless if we then use plastic packaging, right? Yes. In fact, when we ship our products around the world, we only use paper packaging. This is our standard practice to avoid any use of unwanted plastics in our process.

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