Càpe is a project that combines a passion for design and sustainability.


Càpe is an ethical and eco-sustainable tailoring project that combines a passion for design with awareness of the environment.
In the production of our garments, we only use regenerated and organic fibers, avoiding the introduction of new materials in the industrial chain and relying on entirely organic crops. Awareness of the environment is accompanied by an ethical approach thanks to our collaboration with laboratories of social cooperatives.



Our materials are:

100% nylon, regenerated from the plastic of the oceans. A recycled product, which has the same characteristics as those from a virgin source, but can be regenerated, recreated and remodeled, thus allowing you to create new products without using new resources. With this material we make garments resistant to rain and wind. See our iconic Raincoat.



A cotton obtained through organic cultivation. The GOTS certification guarantees not only that the product is at least 70% composed of natural fibers but also that the entire production chain complies with eco-sustainable environmental and social criteria. Discover our new GOTS line.

_Our history: 2019 - 2021

We started with a versatile Econyl raincoat that can be worn on top of any type of garment. It’s easily foldable and stowable in a bag or backpack. Suitable for travellers, but also for those who live a fast-paced, dynamic lifestyle – It’s perfect for the city.

Its style is inspired by the vintage cuts of the classic trench coat, revisited with contemporary fabrics and techniques that meet needs of a city-goer as well as the needs of our planet. From there, our research has expanded, our padded garments, sweatshirts, hats and trousers are all inspired by practicality and versatility.



Càpe is the 100% sustainable design you can always count on.

A philosophy that has guided all of our ideas: raincoats, accessories and clothing in regenerated material and organic cotton to offer you an environmentally friendly alternative. Practical and easy to wear garments for every moment of your day.