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Environmental degradation is the most pressing emergency on our planet.

Even in the field of fashion it is necessary to react to the indiscriminate use of resources through creativity, seeking a balance between sustainability and production capacity.

The answer lies in the search for materials that do not involve the use of new resources but are produced in a sustainable and eco-friendly way: this is therefore the direction we have decided to follow and which guides our entire project.

Starting from here we have tried to find, even in the smallest details, solutions that minimize the impact on the environment. Our garments are handmade without excesses of production, only the garments bought are created so as not to create waste. All Capé creations are carried out in our laboratory and in the laboratory of the “SOS Donna” cooperative located in the same building, this reduces the pollution due to the transport of goods between different processing sites. Furthermore, the collaboration with SOS Donna is a precise sign of attention to social issues.

Càpe Concept laboratorio

Our greatest effort is dedicated to constant market research that has led us to identify entirely regenerated and organic fabrics made with cutting-edge technologies, to offer strictly eco-compatible creations.

_Nylon Regenerated Econyl©

Econyl is the regenerated nylon thread recovered from waste all over the world.

It is a product that has the same characteristics as that from virgin sources, but can be regenerated and remodeled indefinitely, thus allowing you to create new products without using new resources.

A great technological solution that allows us to transform a problem into an opportunity.

Econyl Càpe Concept
Mixed nylon waste

Attention to the environment and the use of sustainable materials also extends to all finishes, from zippers to labels, made with pieces of waste fabric and recycled paper.

Even regarding the packaging, we have tried to adopt the same philosophy, creating hand-made patchwork bags with scraps of advanced fabrics and packages for shipping in recycled paper closed by us in the laboratory using a sewing machine.

This is our contribution to nature, a contribution that we would like to share with you, the choice of our garments is a small step towards a better world.

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